Born in Deajeon, Korea Graduated from Hanyang University of Korea Majored in Textile Design & Fine Art Mainly exhibited at international Art Fairs

About Shine.L

After majoring the textile design at Hanyang University in Korea and moving to Canada in 2008 to study painting and photography, the creative inspiration was put into the artistic frame in the form of ‘works and poetry.’ On the journey to pursue works and poetry, the job of broadcasting writer enabled me to express in writing various people at their different lives and cultures, and the wisdom gained from the practical experiences added to the humanistic depth of the artist. In the process of deeply embracing the dream as an artist, the marriage and parenting are accepted as the part of life. And , a journey of true realization of life follows the path where human intellect and natural inspiration, leads to the creation of the artist at the point where painting and literature, and religion and philosophy intersect. The wisdom flows through the vein of artist’s independent life. From the memory of the unconscious and the truth of enlightenment, the artist who drinks from the fountain of inspiration desires to convey a message that transcends pictorial language. asks us who are here now, ‘where are you come from, and where are you going ? ’ As the opportunity still remains, a step is taken ‘on the path of light’ with the courage to practice a small labor through art.

The record of techniques and materials that are unique to Shine.L

The year 2022 was special. It went beyond the special by entering into the whole new world. For past 40 years as living under the name of SIYIN YANG and denying everything that I have been pursuing, the unspoken abstract was tried. ‘Not leading the canvas’ by one’s own rational understanding but the power of the gravity was used to make the colors flow in a completely neutral state. However, the wisdom was dreamt by drawing out things as it flowed on the canvas by looking and observing from a certain place in the unconscious memory. The jute was good to capture the naturalness of flow and permeation rather than the drawing. And all the material of light was contained when meeting the water to create beauty. Using materials that contain emotions flowing from the subconscious and truly desired ideals to obtain result, the water contains transcendental message by going beyond the pictorial language. This unstoppable march of will continue as long as the heaven permits, And I hope to contain more precious and beautiful frame that longs for the eternity as it matures in the flow of time.

An abstract artist, one of the series of SHINE.L’s work < White Breath > draws inspiration from the white, breath, wind, and the anchor of soul. < White Breath > is a work that portrays the free and beautiful spirit, like clouds, birds, and light ascending and descending in the sky. It is a slow yet overflowing endeavor, translating fervent prayers that encapsulate truth onto the canvas. The spirit, soul is indwelled in the body, and the unseen life is indwelled within the visible life. The artist‘s inspiration is indwelled on the canvas, The intangible existence, , is indwelled within the artist’s language, aiming to approach the essence of truth, goodness, and beauty as a profound mystery of the Word of God. As the meaning of , SHINE.L’s works are showing around of art cities which are Seattle, LA, Palm Beach, Paris, Fukuoka, and Seoul, etc. Also the artworks and the meanings are spreading to move the collecter’s hearts all around the world like birds are flying in the sky by SNS. The word “Spirit” in ancient Greek is called “Pneuma ( Πνεῦμα ),” which means wind or breath. The artist drew inspiration from the image of a dove, directly mentioned in John 1:32, to manifest the world of an indescribable existence like the Holy Spirit on the canvas. Just as the invisible and visible worlds are connected through human eyes, the artist’s endeavor within the sublime journey is to express the wind and the breath of life using the Abstract Texture technique, encapsulated in the image of a dove. It is akin to touching white mist with one’s own eyes, representing the primal and visual essence that resides within the artist’s consciousness.

Art Works