Lee Jin hyue



In Jin Hyue Lee’s world of arts. The two different roads coexist taking turns of opening and closing each other as the low and high tides or conception and abortion exist together. 
While the images of narrow crooked roads are internally created the black latticed frames confine the surface of works.
The two different roads that form the connotation and denotation on his diversified
works seem rather not harmonious but are tuned in his world as the dual allegories.
– Sang Yong Shim  (Ph.D Art Critic)


We might take a guess one thing from his works of arts hidden in dual allegories. It seems to be chaotic to us, like from a Spanish bullfighting to ornaments made of horns, from ancient Arabic letters written in complicated symbols to Korean Hunminjeongeum, and from Da Vinci? Mona Lisa to contemporary interpretation of Mondriaan, which could be his desire that might not be compatible with the surroundings, but still in an orderly manner. 
-Beatris Blasco (Universidad Compultense de Madrid Bellas Artes)

Art Works