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TRADITIONAL MEDIA Oil Paint, Watercolor, Acrylics, Gouache, Charcoal, etc. DIGITAL TOOLS Photoshop, Indesign, Premeire Pro, Illustrator. Z-Brush, Blender, Paint tool SAI Highlighted Courses THE MAGIC OF BOOKS (Illustration Course) Judy Sue Goodwin Sturges ANIMATION PRACTICES Gina Kamentsky A BEAUTIFUL CORNER (Z-Brush Course) Ryan Lesser ADVANCED PAINTING Fritz Drury

About Hannah Smoot

I discovered my love for art at an early age, nurtured by my parents and my desire to understand the ever-changing world around me. When I was 7, I recall coming home from school and finding the walls of our living room covered with white paper, a set of markers on the floor ready for me to use.

Although I was born in South Korea, my family moved several times during my childhood. I lived in China, India and eventually the United States. As I struggled to learn a new language and adjust to a new culture, I found solace in the universal language of art and its ability to communicate across cultures. I would paint my surroundings and the way I saw the world and my peers, and they would delight in seeing themselves.

My work to this day continues to explore themes revolving around cross-cultural possibilities and human reactions to an ever-evolving environment. Through my art, I capture the dynamics that arise when diverse cultural forms intersect, agree, clash, flourish, and coexist in a unique fashion.

Central to my artistic vision is the examination of the anxieties that plague humanity. These anxieties, often accentuated in our digital age, serve as the foundational thread connecting my artwork in all its forms. My paintings strive to delve deep into the complexities of human emotions and thoughts, unveiling the intricate web of fears, paradoxes, and contemplations that shape our lives.

Through my approach to storytelling, I challenge viewers to step into the shoes of others, not necessarily in an accepting manner, but in a way that acknowledges the individual presence of different perspectives. I want my work to be a thought-provoking and immersive experience for anyone who engages with it.

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