Dong Yun Kang


Dong Yun Kang

Mother-of-pearl paintings are my language, a small gesture breathing with the energy of nature. In this art form, I encapsulate the essence of love, gratitude, abundance, and happiness. Through these paintings, I hope to serve as a conduit for those who engage with them, purifying their hearts and spirits, bringing calmness, and dispelling stagnant energy.

More About Dong Yun Kang

Originating from my photography work during university, the mother-of-pearl paintings evolved from the traditional Korean lacquer-ware technique, “najeonchilgi.” In this process, I aimed to preserve the radiant beauty inherent in natural mother-of-pearl while transforming it into a contemporary and globally resonant genre of art, focused on healing.

These paintings, born from a desire to capture the abundance, prosperity, birth, resurrection, and regeneration symbolized by mother-of-pearl’s inherent characteristics of embracing and accepting everything from the lowest of the low, transmit my love and happiness energy. Infused with my small heartfelt contributions, they represent a form of art that adds a new creation to nature, becoming another light of life.

Imagine the joy of having a spiritual companion accompanying you on the path of life, always bringing prosperity and good fortune. How happy would one be to walk the path of life, aspiring to live a rich and happy existence, with such a constant companion?

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